Loin Wave Digital is an exceptional digital marketing agency providing top-hole services to its clients.Our utmost priority is customer gratification & which makes us unique from others. Enlivening your brand recognition from the competitors is our duty. We have a crackerjacks team that works on various communication channels and render outstanding Services to uplift your brand in terms of sales & spreading awareness. We target the desired audience to convey the transparent message of your business.




With more than 20 years of vast experience, Jahangir Rizvi has a great contribution to the media industry as he has been endowed to work with renowned local and international brands. As a Film Director, Art Director, Creative Director, Motion Graphics, Post Production, and UX Design he possesses the unique ability in creating digital innovation. Nonetheless, his work speaks for itself. His remarkable peculiarities make him stand out among the other professionals. Rizvi furthered his skills by learning which enriched his self-growth. After having worthy exposure to the industry he decided to inaugurate his own company. Now he works as an independent contractor. He's the sole founder of the company named "Loin Wave Digital." Jahangir is ardent about the work & has created many opportunities for the youth. His artistic mastery holds a combination of various skillsets that have made it possible for him to work with establishments.

Meet Our Team

Syed A Raza

Project Head / Developer

With a passion for coding and a deep understanding of web technologies, Aneel crafts high-quality and responsive websites that deliver exceptional user experiences. His attention to detail and problem-solving skills ensure that every site he builds is optimized for performance and functionality. From e-commerce platforms to content management systems, Aneel's expertise and dedication are instrumental in bringing our clients' digital visions to life.

Salman Ahmed

Art Director

Introducing our brilliant Art Director, Salman Ahmed. With a passion for art and design, Salman brings a fresh and innovative perspective to every project. His mastery of color, composition, and storytelling creates memorable and engaging visual experiences that resonate with our clients and their audiences. From advertising campaigns to branding initiatives, Salman's expertise elevates every aspect of our creative work.

Azhar Baig

Post Production Head

Meet our talented Post Production Head, Azhar Baig. With an eager eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Azhar brings our clients' ideas to life through stunning animations and seamless editing. His expertise in 2D animation and post-production techniques ensures that every project is delivered to the highest standards of quality. From concept to completion, Azhar's creativity and dedication make him an invaluable member of our team.

Warda Mughal

Business D.M

Meet our accomplished Business Development Manager, Wardah Mughal. She brings a strategic mindset and strong leadership to our team. Her keen market insights and relationship-building skills enable us to deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations. From identifying new opportunities to nurturing existing partnerships, Wardah's communication, interpersonal skills and dedication is key to our continued success.

M.Fahim Shamim

Design Head

Introducing our talented Design Head, Fahim Shamim. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, Fahim leads our design team to deliver stunning visual experiences that engage and inspire. From branding to digital design, Fahim's expertise and direction ensure that our clients' visions are brought to life with precision and excellence. His commitment to innovation and design excellence is reflected in every project we undertake.

Rehan Zaheer

Art Director

We are proud to introduce our exceptional Art Director, Rehan Zaheer. With years of experience and an impressive portfolio of work, Rehan brings a unique vision and creative direction to every project. From concept development to execution, Rehan's talent and leadership ensure that our team delivers stunning and impactful visual experiences that captivate our clients and audiences alike.

Ahmed Faraz

Art Director

With a wealth of experience and a passion for creativity, Ahmed brings a unique perspective and artistic vision to every project. His ability to translate complex concepts into visually stunning designs has garnered praise from clients and colleagues alike. From brand identity to advertising campaigns, Ahmed's talent and leadership ensure that our team delivers outstanding creative solutions that resonate with our clients' audiences.

Hasnain Abbas

3D Designer & Animator

Introducing our talented 3D Designer and Animator, Hasnain. With a passion for creating captivating visuals and immersive experiences, Hasnain brings a wealth of expertise to our team. His mastery of 3D modeling, texturing, and animation techniques enables us to deliver exceptional visual content that engages and inspires. From product design to architectural visualizations, Hasnain's creativity and technical skill elevate every project we manage.



Formoline L112 is the international slimdown product formed in Germany. Its efficacious fiber emanated from shellfish burns the calories and halts the fat for absorption in the body. The product is scientifically proven, tested, and licensed to be taken by adult men and women with no side effects that help to lower cholesterol blood levels. It is free from lactose, gelatin, and gluten with no added preservatives. Recommended and prescribed for those who desire to reduce weight and keep themselves fit.


To correlate and straightforwardly connect with morbidly obese people and women who are anxious and struggling to lose weight after pregnancy. Keep them motivated who wish to take care of their fitness.

Spreading Brand Cognition

Thousands of products are available in the market for weight loss. Unfortunately, these are not certified nor licensed approved and may affect their fitness and create other issues. The purpose is to uplift those who are combating to lessen weight which aids them to adopt a more nutritious lifestyle

Social Media

Sales Strategy

We structured a plan and built a strategy to target the audience who suffers from lethal diseases, for being overweight, and can't figure out any solution to maintain their weight. Operating various social media platforms created hype in generating sales and enlightened the audience via electronic and digital media.


Launched the product on the website and various social media platforms and executed the ad campaigns in the market. DVC promotion by famous actors and designed an influencers campaign to promote fitness and wellness. Introduced different offers and discount bundles and stimulated people to share their journey of losing weight on Facebook. For the marketplace promotion, we achieved the physical and digital presence of the product by doing product placement in different well-known stores in Pakistan.


Each video reached around 1.1 million users across Pakistan and each got around 30K+ people engaging with the videos and interacting with the brand.


Users Reached


People Engaged


Social Shares


Trusted since 1968, Bema Cosmetici is the top-most organic brand of Itlay and is famed for natural and organic certified products suitable for all skin types. For over 50 years, having the art of perfection in manufacturing certified organic skincare products. Made from Plant Extracts, Natural Origin (No Chemicals, No Synthetics), and Certified ICEA Organic; Purified Ingredients Extracted without Solvents (Propylene Glycol). Dermatologically and microbiologically tested for sensitive skin and Sulfate-Free.


Target the predominantly men and women of different age groups who are beauty conscious and have stringent regimes for skincare but never focused on employing organic products.

Spreading Brand Cognition

Thousands of products are available in the market for weight loss. In our life, we inspect, search and dissect various beauty products and whitening creams despite never rethinking whether these products are worthwhile for the skin. The conception was to knowledge the audience about organic products that will be a long-term investment for the skin.

Social Media

Sales Strategy

We originated a market-based sales strategy by first educating the audience via social platforms to maintain skin beauty by using organic products and guiding them on how to build a healthy skin regime.


We devised an attractive website to hype the product all over Pakistan. The main achievement was organizing and executing various activities at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Del Frio, and Frere Hall Karachi to regale the audience and achieve the branding goals. Product placement with the niche platforms like Daraz, Allure Beauty, Naheed, and Time Medicos produce high-quality leads. Also, engaging the audience on social media channels, daily posted tempting offers like a free sample with no delivery expenses.


Each video reached around 1.1 million users across Pakistan and each got around 30K+ people engaging with the videos and interacting with the brand.


Users Reached


People Engaged


Social Shares



BIBI JAN Pizza is a local-owned restaurant that provides quality premium Italian flavor pizzas. Freshly baked and using high-quality ingredients so that everyone relishes the great taste of food. It is a familyoriented deli that serves a unique menu with finger-licking appetizers. We provide the customer value proposition with rapid delivery.

Social Media

Marketing Challenges

To focus on the children and adults by creating visual images that draw their attention by establishing the market presence needed to support marketing and sales goals.

Spreading Brand Cognition

There are a variety of pizza diners that are spread all over Karachi as we discover the lope hole which needs to be filled by proposing special deals for kids. The notion was to draw the children's engagement. We concocted an animated character for this restaurant and designed a story in which the parents and children were able to spend family time with each other.

Sales Strategy

We design a plan to achieve double-digit profit margins. Further, we introduced outstanding deals for the children and persuaded adults to purchase them.


We promoted a new restaurant and its product on social media platforms for a marketing presence and attained the targeted sales goal. We designed a website for more sales and which gave an effective delivery service. We develop a tempting monthly-based content calendar that engaged the audience on the platforms of Facebook and Instagram for the fanfare of the product. The DVC was shooted with famous stardom that received a strong response from the audience.


Each video reached around 1.1 million users across Pakistan and each got around 30K+ people engaging with the videos and interacting with the brand.


Users Reached


People Engaged


Social Shares


Ebike Store Karachi introduces an electric bike for everyone who comes, with an electric motor and runs on chargeable batteries. Two-three-wheeler electric bikes are eco-friendly and help reduce the high amounts of air and noise pollution. In the duration of one charge, the bike can cover a distance of up to 40 kilometers per hour. It provides much faster speed, and you reach the desired destination quicker. In a nutshell, they offer low-cost and emission-free transportation. In addition to this, it improves fitness and gives health benefits.


To highlight the drawbacks of employing 70cc bikes that pollute the environment. Identified the loophole that no one focused on the benefits of electric bikes. Neither there was no proper digital marketing for this business on all social media channels.

Spreading Brand Cognition

The soaring petrol prices have increased the transport fares. The plan was to spread awareness of the product through social media among the targeted audience.

Social Media

Sales Strategy

We build a strategic sales plan to attain long-term revenue and expand the business by completing sales objectives.


We managed and produced actuate content and generated more leads. We executed a DVC shot at a residential society that portrays empowered women that promotes gender equality. Connect with the audience and build the brand cognition by creating pages on Facebook and Instagram to attract and engage the audience.


Each video reached around 1.1 million users across Pakistan and each got around 30K+ people engaging with the videos and interacting with the brand.


Users Reached


People Engaged


Social Shares


Target Stategy

We select the best target audience for your service or product after the detailed filtration of the market. It involves the following process

Segmenting the market.
Selection of potential customers.
Reach the appropriate market.
Offering the best to potential customers.

Strategy Building

Strategy building is a blueprint or plan on how to elevate the brand and make it successful. The better the strategy provides the best outcomes. We build most profitable strategies for your brand and optimize the best solutions after doing market analysis.
The process of strategy building goes under these following step: Mission – set your mission
Situation analysis – analyze the current standings and situation of the market
Marketing Strategy/Planning – plan accordingly to the strategy
Media Mix Marketing
Implementation and Control


“Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a product.”

By brand, we mean

Brand definition
Brand positioning statement
Brand identity
Advertising and communication
Sponsoring and Partnership
Product and package designs
In-store experience
Workspace experience and management style
Pricing strategy

Photography and Videography

We drive your product all over the globe. We will revamp your product through futuristic technology and software which will help your product stand out with successful marketing campaigns. That generates a lead for you with profitable revenue.

Digital Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the hype of your businesses with the help of SMM. In this modern age of digitalization, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”— Bill Gates

The revolution of social media brings us to the edge where digital presence is everything. We make sure that your business always stands out among the competitors through our mastery plan.


We determine the goal, how, where, and which type of content should be there?

Planning and Publishing

After content creation, we design the calendar to publish the content according to the schedule.

Listening and Engagement

Now we record the feedback of the audience about the content and posts.

Analytics and Reporting

It is an essential part of our social media marketing where we gather all the relevant customer insights and analytics that will help us for future postings.


Purchasing ads is one of the best ways to promote your brand on social media platforms.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is digital advertising that refers to the strategy based on the previous interaction we target the audience with the same interest and likings of the same brand?
87% people start their search on digital channels without digital presence for this cause the potential customers can't find the brand. Paid marketing strategy can benefit your business growth in many ways: Build brand awareness
Enhance customer engagement
Our paid marketing campaigns allows your business to target the most “ready to buy” audience segment.
It gives you leverage to measure and optimize your campaigns.

Web Development and Management

We manage and handle the online stores that provide the inventory management, billing, and generating the invoice processes will be done by us.

Search Engine Optimization

If it is visible, it is probable to sell. SEO is the process of ranking your website or any other digital content that scores a higher rating on Google and other search engines.
Loin Wave Digital ranks your brand on top. For this, we build custom strategies to take your product among the top-ranked digital places. We build keyword-rich high-quality content after competition analysis for your business based on your user’s intent

Digital Marketplace Management

No matter what type of business you have, where your business located is, and what is your goal. We are ready to manage the operations for you. Offering a full range of services for your online stores are mentioned below:
Content updating on store
Creative designs of the product
Product photography
Stock analysis
Inventory management
Payment and billing
Delivery and drop shipping

Mobile App Development

In this era of technology, we are on our toes to give and deliver design the newest yet provide a most accessible way of interaction between you and your customer. Why should you select us for mobile app development?

We develop Custom iOS and Android applications based on your user requirements.
Support Native and cross-platform that deliver you the best solutions
Our in house UI/UX experts will do the task for you
Consulting and prototyping in front of your eyes to show you the clearer picture
Automated QA and testing are done multiple times
Maintenance and post-warranty support
App store support –Google play

Email Marketing

Our expert consultants are available for you at any time to make plans and strategies for your business promotion. We understand your business goals and make you achieve them by planning the best possible solutions. Visit us, have a cup of tea and get ready to have a one-on-one discussion with an expert panel.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customers.

Benefits of content marketing

All the popular products became brands through content marketing which is impossible without great content. We are focused on the supremacy of the content marketing: Increased sales Cost savings Better customers who have more loyalty Content as a profit center Customized strategies and frameworks for your business

Community Management

Community management defines as a process in which your business engages with the targeted audience on different media platforms. The strategy is to grow and engage with the audience. The purpose is to attract potential customers and create conversions. Starting from the series of these steps are mentioned below:


Marketers often think that acquisition is different from community management. Our job is to cater to your customers. The campaign has its goals that might require people with expertise levels.

Customer Care

Customer relationship is the most important when it's about brand formation. We listen,analyze and gain their feedback to improve the existing community relationship and open the doors for the clients.

Crises management

One of the most vital aspects of community management is crises management. If an issue arises and spreads across social media, it can cause an immense impact on a brand's reputation. It may get worse if not handled timely or in a strategic manner
With the assistance of team coordination and product knowledge are the credible skills to handle this issue. Our team is proactive and takes immediate steps in facing the crises.


Due to the continuous growth of brands and businesses on social media, it is hard to keep the community interested in your brand. We create engaging content that keeps the audience stimulated by your brand and increases the following. Our innovative ideas and several eye-catchy designs and creative themes engaged the community.


This last phase of community management is to search and engage the power of 4% of your business. We encourage user-generated content accordingly with the plans to entertain the power of 4%.


We make killer animations for the viewers that deliver the concept of your brand perfectly. Content attracts and engages the audience. This produces more leads with sales.

We have expertise in designing these types of 2D/3D animations:
Game animation
Cartoon animation
Explainer video
Motion graphics
Logo animation
White board animation
Html 5 ads
Animated gifs
Flash animations
Typography animation
Calarts animation

Software Development

We design, develop and implement various types of software on different platforms using appropriate languages we design
Content management systems
Online stores
Mobile applications
Desktop systems

Why choose us

Tailored communication with each stakeholder.
Cultivating continuous improvement.
Deliver transparent service support by regular reports.
Meet the project deadlines thoughtfully.
Handle overall responsibility for the ‘how-to’ project part.

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